Best Fossil Smartwatches to buy in 2019

Discover the best Fossil Smartwaches for any use case.

While we are working for making concrete and indepth reviews for different models from this bigger list of watches, we’ve decided to start making a shorter reviews and compilations of multiple choices for the leading smartwatch companies – Apple, Samsung, Fitbit and well, Fossil.

For those not familiar with the brand, it’s a company acting as parent to some huge brands – Armani & Michael Kors smartwaches. There are rumors claiming, that Fossil is preparing a release for BMW smartwaches, but nothing certain for now. In case you want to have a look at some of their non-smart watches, you can check our recommended classic watch store – Timedix Fossil.

So when a company has 10+ different models, well we will try to guide you to the their best products, while still keeping affordability on our as mind.

Before we start writing this, I should something important. If you in no rush and you are looking for something better and have the budget the spare, Fossil has just released some information about their new Generation of products, that should be available for mass purchase till the end of this year. Their best offerings are the new Julianna HR & Carlyrle HR, that however will start from 295$. We will update this page once we get some information about them, while you can read about the statement and release from our blog – Fossil Gen 5 Announced.

Best Fossil Sport Smartwach

Our recommendation for best Fossil Smartwatches for Sport is – Fossil Sport

Fossil Sport was the first Fossil smartwatch to feature different case sizes – 41 and 43 mms, as well as the first smartwatch to feature the Qualcomm’s battery extending technology : Snapdragon Wear 3100.

The design, the technology and features are all focused on sport and exercises. It obviously, has built-in GPS that is quite accurate, as well as built-in microphone letting you command your phone and answer calls. Google Pay is supported, letting you pay on the go.

While the technology under is important – no one wants to run with a bulky, heavy watch that will just slow and tire you. Fossil has thought about it : the Fossil Sport comes in 6 different colors, in total 28 different combinations with bands. With just a glance you can check your exercise stats on the AMOLED display with 390×390 resolution, that on paper is as good as Apple Watch. To top it of its 40 grams lighter than the competition, which is great, considering the price point of the watch.


Best Fossil Smartwatch for women

The Fossil Q Venture HR is our pick for best Fossil Smartwatch for Women

The main target of most smartwatches is for men and this can be felt in the watch design. However Fossil Q Venture HR is a smartwatch, specially made for the ladies – it comes with all the newest technology – HR monitor, builtin GPS, NFC and is fully waterproof, while still managed to keep it in a slim, 40mm packaging.

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Of course there is quite a huge choice when it comes to colours and design – Fossil offers 9 different cases, as well as tons of different bands, which will make it extremely easy to fit the watch to your style. The battery is good enough to last a full day, but sadly this is the limit and will require recharging it every night.


Best Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch for Women

Fossil Q Neely is our recommendation for best hybrid smartwatch for women.

Hybrid watches are becoming quite popular, thanks to the myriad of features, while maintaining a very long battery live – over months, or in the case of Fossil Q Neely – over 6 months. The watch is very slim – just 12mm with the case being only 36mm as well. It looks like a classic watch, however underneath it’s quite smart – keeps track of your activity and your sleep quality.

Underneath it can connect to both iOS and Android and with the use of the 3 buttons on the side you can control your music, camera, stopwatch or change to a different timezone – all quite useful features in a watch. This is also the cheapest option from recommendations, just 155$ and of course it comes up in different styles and colors, depending on your choices,as well as easily interchangeable bands.

It is important to note that this watch does not have any sort of display, so you will have less options than the choices above, but overall this is a great watch for lightweight activity tracking, while still maintaining a stylish, classy look on your arm.


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