Fitbit Inspire HR

FitBit Inspire HR

Fitness Tracker for the Masses – Mission Successful

FitBit was one of the most successful fitness trackers out there, but their offerings on an entry level were mess. However this is no more. FitBit combined 3 different offerings of FitBit Flex 2, Alpta and Zip into one offering that costs less than $100. The new model offers the best parts of each product, but still does not reach the functionality of FitBit Charge 3. However it doesn’t aim to. It’s goal is to attract casual runners and people who want to keep better track of their daily activites.


FitBit Inspire is pretty slim, but that’s double-edged sword as its harder to navigate via touchscreen.

The first thing you will notice about the fitness tracker is how narrow it is. You will also notice that it is thicker than the competition offerings. When it comes to its color you have 3 options : white, black and lilac. The default strap is a silicone but there are multiple upgrades that you can choose and get more attractive ones, including both original ones produced by FitBit as well as third party ones.

There is a button on the right side of the tracker that wakes up the screen and can also be used to bring you to the home screen. For anything else you will use the touch screen and this is the first dissapointment : it is not very responsive and sometimes it can be hard to get it right.

You will need to swipe left and right to get access to different types of data or to start excercises and workouts. This can be quite frustrating as the display is not as good as most smart watches and it is also very narrow. It has difficulties registring some movements, so you will probably get frustrated over it at some point or another.

The FitBit Inspire HR is completely water-resistant and can be used while swimming or in the shower. As we will discuss later in the functionality part of this review, you can use the fitness tracker to keep track of your swimming stats.

The saddest part is this fitness tracker is one of the best offerings of FitBit when it comes to design. It looks decent, but still feels a bit unnatural on your hand as its pretty slim and thick. Despite of that it is easy to forget that you have it on, as its reasonably light and won’t interfere with your fitness trainings or with your runs.

FitBit Inspire is the same product as FitBit Inspire HR, but won’t record your heart rate. It is a bit cheaper, however.


Whatever the product’s design negatives it destroys the competition with tons of features. In order to avoid dealing with the unresponsive display you can just start an excercise and the tracker will react to it and start recording. It obviously will keep track of all your daily activies, like when you start running excercise the FitBit will keep track of your bpm, speed, pace, calories burned, distance and average pace.

Starting an excercise can be done both manually and it can do it itself, which is very useful for those cases where you forget to start recoding a workout. However it’s recommended for you to start a workout manually to ensure everything is properly logged. Sadly the tracker does not have it’s own GPS tracker so you will have to pair it with your phone. That connection is pretty easy to set up and pair, and it provides the mobile application with decent quality of coordinates.

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Integrated into the fitness tracker there are breathing and relaxing excercises for 2 or 5 minutes. It could be done a bit better, but its a decent feature that you can use when you want to calm down or chill out for a moment.

Beside keeping track of your daily activities the FitBit Inspire HR keeps track of your sleep durations and quality as well. There is a bit more to be desired in this section, but it offers decent amount of data which is all you can expect from a non-dedidacated fitness tracker that is available for less than $100.

The Inspire HR will keep track of your heart rate during the day and night.

On the mobile application you will be able to see in a quick glance how many times you’ve woken up, how long it took you to go back to sleep an anyting else alongside those lines.


The FitBit Inspire HR comes with a battery that can last up to 5 days of usage, which is reasoanbly good for it’s price. Of course if you excercise more often it will last less, but in any case it should be good enouhg for multiple nights and you do not have to reload it every single night.

Sadly the charger is propriaerty and in case of travel you will have to remember to get the cable specificly about the watch with you, as this way it won’t avoid any issues later on.

FitBit Inspire HR works with bot Android and iOS, which makes it easy to control it nevertheless the mobile operation system software.

Considering it’s price of less than $100 you will had pressed to find any better smartwatch and that is for a reason. Overall the watch just works and the mobile application is easy to navigate and can be used to share live location or sharesome pitures and everthing. It is a decent recommendations more or les for anyone wo is a bit ageti and

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