Hello, dear visitor.

Thank you for your trust in us. Thank you for letting us be part of the decision process in buying yourself or a loved one a smartwatch. In order to be as useful for you, we as a team has decided to not run any advertisement(every single one of us runs AdBlockers, so why should we make you see ads, when we won’t). Nada.

Instead we will try something new. Each of our reviews will have a link to Amazon page and whatever is the cheapest, genuine option available. If you decide to buy from Amazon and click through our link we will get some percentage of your order, without you losing anything.This does not mean that we will provide links only to Amazon. We will always do our best to offer better and cheaper options, when there is one available even if that would result in lower income for us. This site is made with love and it’s more of a place to talk with other watch-lovers, share tricks and tips and just discuss the newest products and technologies in the sector.

You can always contact us on the mail in the bottom of any page and ask us any questions or give us any feedback. Including negative ones, as this is one of the best ways to grow, as long as they are warranted.

In simple terms : we promise to do our best to make your stay here productive and fun, without selling you to the evil ad companies.

Our Plans for the future

  1. Keep adding as many reviews as possible.
  2. Start publishing articles about newest technologies and deals.
  3. Build a community of a sort. It might be a forum or Discord/Slack or Facebook Group. Maybe it will include a full rewrite of this site, but it’s a goal for the near-longterm. We want to get to know you and share our love for smartwatches.
  4. Make a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter to share news, deals and new products in one email.
  5. Build a online shop with high-quality accessories for smartwatches : straps, protectors, cables and tools and screens that are as affordable as possible.

With pleasure,

TheSmartestGear Editing Team

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